About The Company

Blue Moves Modern Dance Company is a troupe of close-knit performers who sincerely enjoy dancing and each other’s company. Through the art form they love, they strive to entertain as well as to stir and inform audiences. In recent years, Blue Moves has explored a central theme through multiple choreographic perspectives within the company for their main productions, and has always enjoyed collaborating with visual and musical artists on short-term projects. They have grown to appreciate the company’s diverse dynamic and have learned to wrangle it into something vibrant (or controversial, or eye-opening, or simply beautiful).


Founded in the summer of 1989 by Amanda Cantrell Roche, Lee Anne (Allen) Carmack, and Don Sullivan, Blue Moves began as a creative outlet for three Middle Tennessee State University students who were seeking a more cohesive, modern-focused dance experience than available through the university at the time. With the support of now-retired MTSU dance professor, Anne Holland Cole, and the addition of three more members, the group began rehearsals.

In October 2013, after nearly 25 years of calling Murfreesboro, Tennessee their home, the company formed a partnership with DancEast and relocated to East Nashville. In July 2014, they partnered with abrasiveMedia for fiscal sponsorship.