Blue Moves and CoPAC present “Illuminated Beings: An Evening of Social Justice Dance” March 19

Photo by Lucent Vignette

Photo by Lucent Vignette

CoPAC Hosts Blue Moves to Explore Ideas of Social Justice, Personal Power, and Freedom in “Illuminated Beings: An Evening of Social Justice Dances” at Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Contemporary Performing Arts of Chattanooga (CoPAC) is joining forces with Nashville-based Amanda Cantrell Roche and Blue Moves dance company to present an evening of dance and spoken word that explores social justice, personal power, and freedom on Saturday March 19th, 8:00pm at Barking Legs Theater.

The performance features Chattanooga artists Ann Law, Erika Blackmon, and Monica Ellison, as well as the Blue Moves dance company from Nashville, Tennessee. The social justice dance program is a four part movement that includes Law’s “The Conversation”, as well as Cantrell Roche’s “Freedom from Fear”, “Conversations With Our Mother”, and “Divine Sparks”.

“We’re very excited about working with Ann Law and the crew at Barking Legs,” says Cantrell Roche. “Ann’s work as a community organizer and pioneer in the Chattanooga Dance Community is a wonderful fit with Blue Moves’ tradition of shows that create a sense of community, and often a call to action.”

The three Blue Moves works on the program speak to different causes; prisoners of conscience, humans’ relationship with the earth, and activists who also recognize the light in every person to work towards a better community. A reading commissioned by Blue Moves from Nashville writer Jenn Mapescouture sets the tone for “Divine Sparks”: “The world is not whole without each of us awakening the divine spark that we are. Every time we come together to support each other in expressing truth and beauty in the world, we are creating a community of illumination that nurtures all of us.”

“We are passionate about engaging audience not just as viewers, but as an intentional community in which each person is honored” says Cantrell Roche. “Every person attending this performance will leave with a token to remind them of their own inner light, and that this spark of goodness and compassion can be used to make our community and our world a better place.”

The evening will conclude with a panel of local social justice organizations that include Healthy Free Tennessee, Chattanooga Organized for Action, and Concerned Citizens for Justice.

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Illuminated Beings: An Evening of Social Justice Dances

Saturday, 3/19/2016

8:00pm EST 

Tickets are $10 and available at the door.