Saturday, February 8th at 7:30 p.m.
Father Ryan High School’s Center for the Arts
Blue Moves is honored to be a part of Global Education Center’s Global Birthday Bash celebrating its 32 years of bringing the arts of the world to area schools and the launch of its 18th year. We will be performing the audio documentary/dance “Yearning to Breathe Free” by Amanda Cantrell Roche. Performers include guest artists Ashlyn Hall as Julie from Colombia, Nerissa Aquino as Elizabeth from Burma and Athena Sweeten as Kasar from Kurdistan as well as company members Holly Cannon Hesse, Valerie Hackworth and Andrea Roberts. Also on the program are some of the Center’s resident artists, including international dance team, Helios; its West African troupe, Nyama; Little Eagle Chinese Dance Academy; Kala Nivedanam School of South Indian Classical Dance; Grupo Balanca Capoeira; solo dancer Andrea Solis, accompanied by composer Carlos Enrique; Salsa Fierce; and Yosvany y Su Son Tropical.
Tickets are $10 adults, $5 children 3-17. Please come out and support this wonderful organization and celebrate diversity in our community!

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