Blue Moves is excited to premier five works by five choreographers at Nashville’s SIDESHOW Fringe Festival, Saturday, August 3rd, 7 p.m. at Belmont’s Black Box Theater, 1575 Compton Ave. just behind the Troutt Theater. Tickets are $10 but also require the one-time purchase of a Fringe button for $5, which gets you discounts at local bars and restaurants and helps support this festival which in turn supports lots of local artists and organizations. For more info visit

Blue Moves presents “Blue 02”

What happens when you ask five choreographers to create dances on the theme of “Air”? It turns out this concept has wildly different interpretations and inspires a broad range of creations; the action/reaction of a mother listening to her babies’ breath at night, the elation and feeling of momentary flight when falling in love (with mini trampolines!), and tumultuous relationships which end with a soul choosing to stop breathing ~ all of this becomes fodder for movement. Two choreographers connected air with social justice; the unjust taking of the last breath of family pets due only to their perceived breed, and the concept of shared air, which challenges us with the question:  should immigrants and refugees not have the same right to breathe the air of this country as those who were born here? Paired with special guests “Elephant Magnet”, an all-girl air band, and the artful pole dance of the exquisite Christy Rose and friends, Blue Moves’ “Blue O2”  takes audiences on a joyful, mindful, playful and sometimes gritty ride through an element we cannot live without.

This show contains some adult language.

Dance Descriptions

“Momentary Flight”, by Valerie Hackworth

When you fall in love you feel like you’re flying, if only for a moment.







“Yearning to Breathe Free”, by Amanda Cantrell Roche

Using recorded interviews and solo dance to portray the stories of three refugees and immigrants from Kurdistan, Burma and Colombia and framed by two group dances which pair the soloists with dancers representing the air, this piece explores our cultural prejudice and animosities towards immigrants, as well as the compelling stories of each one’s journey to make a new life in America. It challenges our commitment to the words engraved on the Statue of Liberty:  “Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.” To find out more about Comprehensive Immigration Reform, click here.


“Love-A-Bull”, by Laura Filtness

The dance looks at the various roles people take in advocacy and how they intertwine. The dance has been inspired by the dog Lennox and other American Pit Bull Terriers,  who innocence and last breathe was taken due to discrimination.







“Inhale/Exhale”, by Holly Cannon- Hesse

When Blue Moves first proposed the concept of an air themed show, I immediately knew I would like to explore how the sound of a simple breath, as an action, causes a reaction. I was inspired, mostly, by my children. After the births if my two beautiful girls, I found that I was tethered to the baby monitor at night, listening for any abnormal sounds coming from the room above. I found I was unable to sleep when I turned the monitor off one night. I could not ignore how much the sounds of their breathing affected me. I am working with three different concepts in this piece; How we seem symbiotic with a group and how we move on and grow apart from them, how a simple breath connects a mother and child and how just the thought of hearing a breath behind you affects you mentally and changes your own breath pattern. 6 dancers, 12 minutes.



“One Last Breath”, by Rachel Flores
Mental Illness disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate with others, and daily functioning. It is not the result of a person’s weakness, lack of character, or poor upbringing. It is a very real disease for those who suffer from it. My very long lost friend, Chadwick Lewis chose to take his last breath this year. I will always love you, friend, and remember all the great, fun adventures (and misadventures) we had. This piece is inspired by him and tells of how he had so much charisma, was so much fun, yet was plagued with a darkness. To Chadwick- I miss you.



Guest Artists:

Elephant Magnet is a rockin’ all-girl air band. Need we say more?

Christy Rose, physical therapist, contemporary dancer, yoga and Pilates instructor and Fly Gym teacher at The Chrome Bar performs artful pole with friends.

Patrons of Blue O2 are encouraged to come early and attend the 6:30 p.m.Pre-Show, “Come Away, Come Away,” at no extra charge. Seating for Blue O2 should begin approximately 6:50 p.m.

All photos by Martin O’Connor.


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