Our Muses – Guest Artists

“Muse: Inspired by Nashville Artists” celebrates community, collaboration, and creativity within our beautiful city. Below are some of our “muses” inspirational and collaborative artists.

The work of Ben Griffith, Roberta Winjum and Bryant Lamont will be featured at abrasiveMedia for the March 4th Art Crawl,  6-9 PM and throughout the month of March. Also at the Art Crawl will be live music performed by Kyle J. Baker and Friends. Four dance works (three live dances and one underwater dance film) which were inspired by or use the work of our muses will premier on March 11th at the Lobby Theatre, 7 PM.


Kyle Baker (Collaborating musician for “Refracting”)
Kyle Baker is a composer and consultant most known for producing the Soundcrawl festival; a member of the Nashville composers collective, he holds an M. Mus from Belmont University and lives in Cane Ridge.

Adrian Belew (Music used in “Blank Canvas”)
Adrian Belew is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has toured and recorded with a plethora of artist and who strives to inspire and innovate.

Carolyn German (Prose used as inspiration in “Refracting”)
Carolyn German is a playwright, director, composer, and improve artist, who delights in the exploration of all the nuance and magic of language and story.

Ben Griffith (Collaborating artist for “Refracting” and paintings used as inspiration for “Somewhere in Between”)
Spreading joy and love through brightly colored paintings.
Instagram: @bengriffithartist

Bryant Lamont (Painting is representative of overarching theme of celebrating being part of the Nashville Artistic Community)
I have a million works of art in my heart, mind, and soul. Creativity is at an all time high, enjoy!

Collen Phelps (Inspiration and Live Performance during “Blank Canvas”)
Percussionist Colleen Phelps combines her playing with singing and spoken word to create unique performance art experiences.

Roberta Winjum (Painting used as inspiration for “Blank Canvas”)
Using bright crayons, Roberta Winjum’s batiks show influence of pointillism, impressionism, and abstract impressionism.

Guest artists also include:  The Ascent of Everest, Dar Maleki, and Elizabeth Powell.


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