Blue Moves is pleased to announce our collaborators for Burning Blue, Saturday, October 25th at Cumberland Park! Denice Hicks as narrator and Jenn Couture as writer of the original narrative score were chosen from an open call for an actor and writer. Heather Snyder of Nashville Fire Tribe will open the show and has come to the studio recently to show us a few of her fire poi moves, and Michael Teaney is composing and recording an original score for Andrea Robert’s dance, “Back to the Burning”.

Denice Hicks has been working for The Nashville Shakespeare Festival since 1990 as an actor, director, teaching artist, and has held the position of Artistic Director since 2005. Educated at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, she moved to Nashville in 1980 to perform at Opryland. Denice was an original company member of the Tennessee Repertory Theatre, and was among the founders of both the Darkhorse Theater and of People’s Branch Theatre. An Ingram Fellowship award winner, and advocate for Arts in Education, she has edited and directed touring productions of Shakespeare’s works, developed and facilitated workshops for students of all ages and designed and implemented the NSF Apprentice Company Training and Shakespeare Allowed! programming. Her work has been praised by the Tennessean,, Nashville City Search, The City Paper, and the Nashville Scene, from which she has received “Best Actor” and “Best Director” acknowledgments. In May 2012, she spent 3 weeks in England as a Guest Instructor for a Cooperative Center for Study Abroad program.

JennJenn Couture was raised by wolverines and Yankees in the unsavory part of a blue collar town north of the Mason Dixon. As a child she aspired to be an archaeologist rockstar and to one day eat brand name snack foods. Good fortune brought her family to the South some time before she entered high school, and it was there that she became an ardent student of the strangeness of rural living, creative writing and questionable fashion. She hopes to one day publish a novel, do some light modeling, and rule over a small European country, possibly France. She currently resides in Nashville with two small dogs, a large cat, and a former child star.

Mike TeaneyMichael Teaney is a musician, composer, producer, and engineer living in Nashville Tennessee.  He is a classically trained guitarist who, believe it or not, also plays the banjo.  He grew up in West Virginia and the music of the Appalachian region is a major influence on his style, as well as classical, jazz, rock, and about every other genre imaginable. With extensive experience in the recording studio as an artist, producer and engineer, Michael also creates and produces musical events around Nashville such as Free Form Friday, which features artists who create music that is far out of the mainstream yet interesting, relevant, and in need of a platform.


Nashville Fire Tribe is a small community resource for spinners, flow artists and martial artists who desire to obtain knowledge about fire performing safety guidelines and informative safety suggestions when burning props while providing a safe place to spin with fire. As a group we enjoy performing for community events, charities and fundraisers.

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