Current/Upcoming Events

February 10 – Blue Moves Company Auditions

Fall 2019 – 30th Anniversary Show! Date to be announced!

Past Events


5/12: Myths: Connecting Universal Experiences – Centennial Park, Nashville, TN

1/20: Artivism at Women’s March 2018 – Nashville, TN


10/28: Global Nashville’s Braid at Ballet Plata y Oro – Father Ryan High School, Nashville, TN

10/7: Global Nashville presents Braid at Celebrate Nashville – Centennial Park, Nashville, TN

5/7: “The Ties that Bind Us” at DancEast’s The Bridge – TPAC’s Polk Theater, Nashville, TN

3/11: Muse: Inspired by Nashville Artists  – Looby Theatre, Nashville, TN

3/4: abrasiveMedia Art Crawl – Houston Station, Nashville, TN


8/4&6: Illuminated Beings:  Social Justice Dance at the Fringe Festival – Belmont Black Box Theatre, Nashville, TN

3/19: Illuminated Beings:  An Evening of Social Justice Dance – Barking Legs Theater, Chattanooga, TN


09/26-27/2015: Blue Terra – Shelby Bottoms Park/Nature Center – East Nashville, TN

2/15 – Creative Justice: Feeding the Soul – Room in the Inn – Nashville TN


10/25: Burning Blue – Cumberland Park – Nashville TN

10/11: Southern Festival of Books, Legislative Plaza, Nashville TN

10/4: Celebrate Nashville – Centennial Park, Nashville TNlucentvingette_LVP4685

7/25: Enchanted Art Collective Show  – The East Room, Nashville TN

6/14: Americans for the Arts Annual Convention – Music City Center, Nashville TN

5/16: Free Form Friday – collaboration with Camera Lucida – Centennial Park Black Box Theatre, Nashville TN

4/3: Transitions: Vanderbilt University Dance Program Spring Concert – Martha Ingram Center for the Performing Arts, Nashville TN

2/8: Global Education Center’s Birthday Bash – Father Ryan High School Performing Arts Center, Nashville TN


11/16: Undone: Untitled Artist Collective – Nashville TN

10/24: Picnic in the Park – Nashville Public Library, Nashville TN

8/03: Blue 0², SIDESHOW Fringe Festival – Belmont Black Box Theater, Nashville TN

5/11: Women’s Work, Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project – Looby Theatre, Nashville TN


10/13: Shelby Park Centennial Celebration – Nashville TN

8/3: SIDESHOW Fringe Festival – Belmont Black Box Theatre, Nashville TN393246_2629120760185_528752866_n

5/5: Women’s Work, Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project – Looby Theatre, Nashville TN


12/9: Antifreeze: Untitled Artist Collective – Marathon Village, Nashville TN

8/26: Deep Blue – Darkhorse Theater, Nashville TN

5/14: Confluence premiere, Women’s Work, Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project – Looby Theatre, Nashville TN


3/13: 20th Anniversary Gala Bash – Avenue 9, Nashville TN


9/20: Something of a Blue Variety -Mercy Lounge, Nashville TN

6/14: Nashville Peace Coalition Peace Festival – Centennial Park, Nashville TN


9/7: It’s Too Damn Hot! – Alley Cat, Nashville TN

6/1: Know Tibet-  Benefit for Tibetan Refugee Children – Father Ryan High School, Nashville TN

3/15: The Guided Tour – Renaissance Center, Dickson TNIMG_3307


3/23-24: Born of the ‘Boro – Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro TN


8/9: Affinity, MTSU Summer Dance Intensive- Wright Music Hall, Murfreesboro TN

4/23: Tsunami Echoes/Katrina Cries Benefit – collaboration with Glenn Frederick Repertory Dance Theatre- Martha Ingram Center for the Performing Arts, Nashville TN

3/3: C.O.O.L. Idealist National Conference – Vanderbilt’s Langford Auditorium, Nashville TN

1/27: Asheville Fringe Festival – Collaboration with Juan Prophet Organization – Future of Tradition, Asheville NC


10/9: Benefit Concert for the Survivors of Katrina – Tucker Theater, Murfreesboro TN

8/11-12: Multiplicity – Wright Music Hall, Murfreesboro TN

1/29: Asheville Fringe Festival – Asheville, NC


8/12: Intensity: MTSU Summer Dance Intensive – Wright Music Hall, Murfreesboro TN

5/23: Home – Tucker Theatre, Murfreesboro TN


8/14: Introspective – Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro TN10492422_10203561029559871_1835053220743642219_n_0

2/28 & 3/1: From Within – Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro TN


3/1-2: Cycles – Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro TN


3/23-24: Out of Our Heads – Darkhorse Theater, Nashville TN


12/11: The Nutcracker – Middle Tennessee Symphony – Murphy Center, Murfreesboro TN

4/3: Governor’s School for the Arts – Wright Music Hall, Murfreesboro TN

3/24-25: Greatest Hits – Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro TN


10/9: Yard Art – MTSU Art Barn, Murfreesboro TN

5/21-22: Yard Sale – Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro TN

1/15-16: To Hell and Back – Darkhorse Theater, Nashville TN


August: Variety Show – Wallstreet, Murfreesboro TN

5/29-31 & 6/5-6: To Hell and Back –  Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro TN


11/8: Artrageous Decade – Gaylord Entertainment Center, Nashville TN1051991278210

5/8-9: Love, Dreams and Ecstasy – Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro TN

1/18: Blue Moves – Manchester Parnassus Theatre


6/2: Summer Lights Festival – Nashville, TN

2/2-3: New Blue – Tucker Theatre, Murfreesboro TN


10/29-30: Blue Moves – Tucker Theatre, Murfreesboro TN

6/10-11: It’s Live – Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville TN


1/16: Blue Moves – Tucker Theatre, Murfreesboro TN


70s Rave – 328 Performance Hall, Nashville TN1086481540445

1/17: Blue Moves w/ Speake – Tucker Theatre, Murfreesboro TN


11/29-30: Otto von Bildstein Dance-Along – Tucker Theatre, Murfreesboro TN

5/13: Community Performance – Cox Memorial Gym, Murfreesboro TN

April: Dance through the Decades, ESP Community Service – Bellwood Elementary School, Murfreesboro TN


11/30 & 12/1: And Then There’s Dance, Tucker Theatre, Murfreesboro TN

Blue Moves has also been a guest performing artist of the Black College Dance Exchange and MTSU Performing Arts Company for many years.

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