Program information for the outdoor portion of Myths: Connecting Universal Experiences, May 12 2018 at Centennial Park.

Evolution of Myth Corridor

This walk-through experience along the outside, West End-facing side of the Parthenon explores the Evolution of Myth, from the Paleolithic Era to present day.

Music:  Massood Taj

Curator:  Amanda Cantrell Roche

With research from Karen Armstrong’s “A Brief History of Myth”


The Mythology of the Hunters and Gatherers, Paleolithic era, 20,000 to 8000 BC

Cherokee Nation Creation Myth

Artist: Moon Bishop


The Mythology of the Farmers, Neolithic era,  8000 to 4000 BC, 

“Agricultural Growth”, American Youth

Artists:  DancEast Ensemble


The Early Civilizations, 4000-800 BC, NuWa, the mother goddess of Chinese mythology.

Artist:  Jen Jen Lin


Axial and Post/Axial Age, 800 BC-1500 AD, The Legend of La Rogativa, Puerto Rico

Artists:  Paco and Angela Ramos


The Middle Passage to Present, 1500 – 2018, “Stolen: The African Myth turned American”

Artist: Brandy Rogers


About the Artists

Myth Corridor conceptualized by social justice choreographer, teaching artist, and Blue Moves co-founder Amanda Cantrell Roche.

Music created by Massood Taj, multi-instrumentalist who creates global music for sacred spaces.

Jen Jen Lin, choreography for Chinese myth, NuWa, is artistic director of Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville.

Moon Bishop, is a teaching artist, educator, storyteller and visual artist, who also designed of our indoor, interactive mural in Centennial Performing Arts Studios.

Paco and Angela Ramos are instructors at MTSU and co-directors of MPAC. Paco has served on Blue Moves’ Advisory Board, and Angela is a long-time and returning Blue Moves company member.

Brandy Rogers is a poet, actor, choreographer, and teaching artist who is also a current member of Blue Moves.

DancEast’s Ensemble is a group of dedicated DancEast students between the ages of 10 and 12, who collaboratively created “Agricultural Growth”.


Soul’s Home at The Pergola 

This immersive installation was conceived by Blue Moves member Holly Cannon Hesse, and eludes to how death is perceived and understood through myths.

Creative Director: Holly Cannon Hesse

Dancers: Holly Cannon Hesse, Anna Marie and Mina Hesse, Valerie Hackworth, Ashlyn Cianciolo.

Singer: Kristen Hubbard


Bell Tower Improvisation


Conceived by Blue Moves member Kevana West, this interactive improvisation is inspired by the Mythic figure Janus, who looks to the past and the future at the same time. The group formation is also inspired in part by the Women’s Suffrage Monument in Centennial Park.

Creative Director: Kevana West

Dancers: Kevana West, Annah Slayton, Amanda Cantrell Roche, Nerissa Aquino. Audience is encouraged to participate as well.



THANK YOU to our guest artists and to our volunteers, Lee Anne Carmack, Carole Siple, Stacy Vest, and Sean Siple, for helping guide everyone through this experience. THANK YOU to our sustaining donors, ad purchasers, sponsor Interior Anthology, and community partners Metro Cultural Arts, DancEast, and abrasiveMedia for making this possible.

We hope you will join us for the 7:30 ticketed performance inside Centennial Performing Arts Studios following the tour. A limited number of $5 floor seating is available at the door. Advance tickets $10: