Poetry, music, and dance brings diverse audiences together in “Creative Justice:  Feeding the Soul”

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On Sunday, February 15th, 2015, Poverty & the Arts and Blue Moves Modern Dance Company partner with Room In The Inn to offer “Creative Justice:  Feeding the Soul”. This unique performance experience features one of Blue Moves’ social justice choreographic works and Poverty & the Arts’ resident artists and poets from the homeless community. Much in the way that Room In The Inn’s winter shelter program offers volunteers and the homeless a chance to share a meal together, this performance will allow all types of community members to come together and a share an afternoon of dance, poetry and music at Room In The Inn’s Campus for Human Development, 705 Drexel Street, Nashville, Tennessee with shows at 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Poverty & the Arts’ mission is to empower homeless and formerly homeless individuals as artists and creatives by helping them generate income, meaning, and purpose in life. They also use the arts to promote relationships and a space for volunteers to view homeless individuals as talented and creative, thus creating better advocates and more compassionate community members.

“The more I work with the homeless, the more it becomes obvious how much environment drives behavior,” says Nicole Brandt, founder and executive director of Poverty & the Arts. “The arts create an environment for our community that produce passion, motivation, and self-confidence. This new environment allows our artists to have more success in generating their own income and sustainability.”

Motivating and empowering people through the arts is also a goal of social justice choreographer and Blue Moves co-founder Amanda Cantrell Roche. Her dance “Divine Sparks” features the recorded words of four local activists woven with music and dance to tell the story of their passion for individual causes, and also address the concept that every person has a spark of divinity and ability to make a positive impact on their community. Homeless activist Lindsey Krinks is featured in this piece, along with Tamara Ambar of Nashville Conflict Resolution Center, Ngawang Losel of One Human Race 4 Justice and Sara Sharpe of Festive Evolution. Blue Moves is happy to announce that Burning Blue narrator Denice Hicks will be returning to read excerpts of writer Jenn Couture’s fire narrative prior to the dance.

“I’m excited to share this piece with such an integrated audience,” says Cantrell Roche. “The arts are vital, and I’d like to see access to the arts treated as a vital necessity — almost like food and shelter. I hope the experience of this performance will remind everyone of their own divine spark, and empower them to acknowledge and act upon it in whatever form that may take; be it through volunteering, activism or simply showing more compassion to others.”

Seating is limited. Each show will have 25 free seats open to the general public through reservation only on first come, first serve basis through Eventbrite at this link:  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/creative-justice-feeding-the-soul-tickets-15265194608

The remaining half of the seats will be open to the participants in the Room In The Inn program. In lieu of a ticket price, attendees are encouraged to bring a gift of beauty or something that feeds the soul. Suggested items are sketchbooks, books of poetry, visual art and other items that can fit in a backpack.

A note about parking:  Spaces in the Room In The Inn lot are limited. Parking is allowed on the same side of Drexel Avenue on which Room In The Inn is located, but not on the opposite side. Additional street parking is available on 7th Avenue and Middleton Street.


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