Pegah Kadivar has a BS in Biology. She started learning dance as an adult and has taught belly, Azeri, Nia, and ballroom dance. She studied Nia with Marguerite Close and many other forms, including, Azeri, ballet, ballroom, belly, modern, jazz, tap, flamenco, salsa. She continues to take classes at Nashville Ballet and with New Dialect. Her performances include “Nu Shu”, “Journey”, “Snow Lotus”, “Princess Jade Countess”, “We Are One”, “Qi”, “Lost Horse”, “Space”, “Dragon Pearl and Visual Listening”, “Memories” (CAAN’s productions), M. Butterfly (ACT 1 Theater), “Braid” (Global Nashville Project with Amanda Cantrell Roche and Blue Moves), Taiwanese, Chinese, Azerbaijani, International Folk, and West African Dance. She joined CAAN’s lion dance and drumming team in 2009, has served as an administrator or director’s assistant with certain CAAN Projects. She has been with CAAN since 2004. She is delighted to be joining Blue Moves Company and grateful to be part of such a welcoming and supportive group. Pegah appreciates her husband’s (Alex Chernowitz) support with her dance projects.

Roya Kadivar photo