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Blue Moves Modern Dance Company celebrates 30 years of dance Saturday, September 28, 2019 at Studio 615 in Nashville. ForeverBlue takes the audience on an immersive timeline of this democratically-structured company founded in 1989, features performances of some of their most memorable rep, a live monologue, short films, and new choreographic works. With a multi-generational cast of company members and guest appearances by alumni, ForeverBlue illuminates Blue Moves’ past, present, and hints of their future through this multi-media celebration.

Prior to the performance, audience members are encouraged to enjoy a drink and walk through a timeline curated by Blue Moves alumni and frequent collaborative partner, Kristen Hubbard, which includes a 360 virtual reality experience of choreography. A main stage show at 7:30 p.m. features multiple excerpts of dances and short films ranging from their first work in 1989 to three full-length premiers, threaded together with context and storytelling from alumni emcees, Lynn Hearn and company co-founder Lee Anne Carmack. A short “After Show” suggested for ages 18 and up allows the company to revive some of their spicier, entertaining choreography.